Forza Street is now available for free on Android and ios devices, here are download links.

You can now download Forza Street's free car racing game on your smartphone, whether it's Android or Apple phones, after the game was officially launched today.

Forza Street
Forza Street

Forza Street game was developed by Studio Turn 10 who worked on the parts of the game big that were issued on Xbox and Windows 10 and the game will present many characteristics of the series such as buying and modifying vehicles and assembling them through new challenges and this, of course, will open a big door to the property of buying from within the game microtransactions.

Forza Street game may not reach the level of parts of the series that were issued on home appliances and computers especially in the development budget but Microsoft considers it an important step and evolution in the direction of the company to control the market of smartphones and will support the game with a lot of new content such as providing packages with new vehicles and adding more bandages and cosmetic resources that players can get as rewards or buy them from within the game.

Microsoft is trying to offer a deal to new players through two promotions. For those who play between now and June 5, they will get a unique Ford GT, for those who play the game on Samsung devices and download it from the Galaxy store they will get the 2015 Ford Mustang GT with custom paint with Galaxy devices or get a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for those who use Galaxy S20 devices, along with some additional in-game features. Forza Street is also linked to the Xbox Live account, so you can sync achievements and progress across iOS and Android devices as well as Windows 10.

The game is now available for download in 1.9 Gb and you can choose the version you want and download it through the buttons below, enjoy...



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