Druckman: I completed The Last of Us: Part II and I was filled with tears at the end.

We shared the director of the game The Last of Us: Part II yesterday a video in which we informed that the game has finished development and is ready to be launched on time but the fact that the video was posted on the Instagram platform was not complete but we got the full version that was posted on the official studio channel on YouTube.

The Last of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II

Through the video you can watch below, Neil Druckman talked about the game, which he described as the most ambitious project that studio and the team have worked on since its inception, adding that they were interested in the details in everything related to them, whether in drawings, character designs, effects, movement, sounds, and musical tracks all received a lot of attention from the team who put all his energy in it and they are eager to see it when we put our hands on it at the time of its official launch.

Neil also talked about his experience of the game where he confirmed that he was able to finish it from the beginning to the end and although he knew her story in advance and knows what the end will be, he did not have his feelings and he was overwhelmed in tears.

Also, in this video, Neil must address the leaks that have occurred to the game recently, where he said that no matter how much we watch, hear or even read about the leaked videos, the experience will be different and very enjoyable because it is described as a game and video and you must play it.

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