Crysis Twitter account tweeting again after a 4-year hiatus, what does it suggest ..!

One of the things that motivate players most is the sudden announcements, so what are the best moments of the moment when you are not expecting any particular advertisement and then you are surprised by it without warning, and this is exactly what those intending to do on the Crysis account on Twitter, without any warning and after Almost 4 years of complete disconnection from the site, the account returns to tweet with a strange strange tweet, which we will see below.


It is reported that the last parts of the game Crysis were in 2013, where it will release the third part of it as a title deposited for the past generation, considering that the same year was the last years of the aforementioned generation, and despite its lack of commercial success, the entire series still maintains its reputation as a game with very beautiful content, Now, let's see the tweet of the game account below.

The sentence is clear and explicit, "The data is received ..", this indicates that there is an announcement that is preparing to reveal it soon, perhaps launching a new part of the Crysis series, for example or Remic for the three parts of the entire series ..!?

I think that the coming days will reveal to us the future of this tweet and its meaning for this beautiful title from its first action look with its high action type, however, below, let us know your opinion and expectations of this tweet in the comments section.

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